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To Didi,

As I affectionately used to call my grandmother.

This website is dedicated to your great legacy. I hope that we can bring your beautiful life long body of work that has inspired so many back into the light and by doing so continue to inspire other artists for many generations to come. I miss you bigger than the world.


Dara Kittani

Madiha Umar's Grandson


“I mastered Arabic calligraphy, which represents abstract meanings and which is symbolic in its essence and which should not be regarded as mere geometrical dimensions and forms. From the standpoint of artistic design, I think such a view does harm to the individuality of each letter, divests it of its freedom of expression and hinders its ability of being used as an artistic design. In fact, every letter of Arabic calligraphy has sufficient ability and dynamic character to make an abstract image. Moreover, it has that obvious individualistic quality which helps in making perfect forms with a particular meaning or idea, or in representing a new or an old event.”

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